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Backyard Grillerz custom Matanza/ Pig Fry BBQ, NM style
Our mission is to educate individuals through community education about the Indio Hispano culture or "Spanish speaking Native Americans" of  New Mexico. The Sepahardic Indians are a unique non documented tribal culture and Indigenous to the southwest region of the United States. New Mexican history has documentation that dates back to 1492- 1540 and roots that began in Israel & Spain when Francisco Vasquez de Coronado conquered and collided with the Native Indigenous peoples of New Mexico thus integrating their Sephardi Jewish culture, heritage and language. Back Yard Grillerz focuses on the preservation of culture heritage, and cuisine that surrounds our History, agriculture, farming, ranching, and the Indios de Sepharad method of preparing hogs. Our heritage can only be passed down through second hand information as it is part of our spiritual birth right and rite of passage as Sephardic Native Americans. La Matanza is a feast held once a year to celebrate with family, friends and  also to give thanks to God. Shalom